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12 Gifts For Runners: Day 1 – A StrideBox Subscription

December 01, 2014

12 Gifts For Runners: Day 1 – A StrideBox Subscription


For the first gift for runners, my true love gave to me…

A StrideBox Subscription!


A StrideBox subscription is the perfect gift for your favorite runner! You can’t go wrong, because there is a variety of products in each box. The best part is you can choose the price and commitment level. If you are looking for a small gift, one box is only $20. If you want a more substantial gift, 3 months is $50.

You can do from one month up to a years worth of running goodness all sent directly to your favorite runner. If you want to do more you can subscribe to StrideBox for $15 per month and cancel anytime you are ready.

When you set up the subscription your box can be delivered straight to the recipient. Order a gift subscription before the 15th of December, and we’ll make sure they get the first box by Christmas.

When you complete your order there will be a printable for you to use to let your loved one know that you want them to have the latest and most popular running gear and supplements.

StrideBox is a monthly subscription box. Each month you’ll receive a curated box full of 5-7 performance products ranging from performance apparel, to nutrition products, and other accessories for runners and other endurance athletes.

Each StrideBox will contain an assortment of sample and full size products from a variety of companies and brands with each monthly box containing different items.

The box will contain products including, but not limited to: nutritional bars, gels, drinks, snacks, apparel, gadgets, skincare, health, apps and music, as well as other accessories.

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