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12 Gifts for Runners: Day 3 – Running Books

December 03, 2014

12 Gifts for Runners: Day 3 – Running Books


On the 1st day of running my loved on gave to me… A StrideBox Subscription

On the 2nd day of running my loved one gave to me… A Bottle Band 

On the 3rd day of running my loved one gave to me…

A Book About Running

Are you ready for more gifts for runners? Give your runner some reading material! They can learn about technique, they can find motivation, they can find out why people think you shouldn’t wear shoes. There is a book for every running level and your runner just might want to curl up by the fire with a good running book and a mug of hot chocolate this winter.

So, what are some options?

The favorite among runners is Born To Run by Christopher McDougall. This is an engaging book about one man’s philosophy of exercise. You can learn about the science of running while hearing about Christopher’s journey in this bestselling book.



Do you need a running book specifically for Women? Jason Karp’s Running for Women is written with sound science and information. Jason has been teaching coaches how to teach runners for years and Running for Women will answer your questions.


Possibly THE icon of running pop culture is The Oatmeal. And he wrote a book. It’s called The Terrible and Wonderful Reasons Why I Run Long Distances. If you need a lot of laughs that comes with great motivation, this is it.



But, those options will only stretch the surface of running books. In fact, this search has more than 64,000 options.

Are there any run changing books out there that you think people should be reading? Let us know and help a runner out!