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Couch to Sprint Tri: Are You Prepared?

July 13, 2015

Couch to Sprint Tri: Are You Prepared?

Is the big triathlon race day almost here? We have put together some last minute tips to help you race strong.

1. Don’t forget to taper.

Rest and relax in the few days leading up to your event. In the week before your event, decrease the amount of time you exercise. You have already put in your time training. Get out and warm up those muscles, do some yoga, and practice your transitions.

If you had set backs in your training, this isn’t the time to make it up. Any injuries or illnesses that happened are hopefully behind you now and your taper is still important to your event day.

2. Get some sleep.

Some people take a mild sleep aid 2 days before the event to ensure they are well rested. It isn’t necessary, but it does show the importance of sleep leading up to your race. Chances are the night before your race there will be too much excitement to get a full nights sleep. But it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.

3. Add a few extra carbs to your diet.

Carb loading is a complicated thing and usually isn’t what people think. It isn’t eating as much carbs as you can the day before your event. But do add some additional complex carbohydrates in the days leading up to the event and do make sure you have a decent portion of rice, pasta, and/or bread for dinner the night before.

4. Set out all of your gear the night before.

Race morning isn’t the time to figure it all out. That is a great way to forget something. Set our