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What Not to Do in Triathlons

May 26, 2015

What Not to Do in Triathlons

Oh the faux pas to be had in a triathlon event are seemingly endless. Some people enter a triathlon with the hopes of winning, some with the hopes of not dying, and some just would like to not make a complete fool of themselves. If you fall into the last category, we are here to help you! Here are some ideas for what not to do in triathlons.

1. Don’t go to Slow Twitch with a question that belongs on Beginner Triathlete.

The forums. Oh, it happens every day. You landed in the wrong forum at the wrong time with the wrong question. They can tear you apart in the Slow Twitch forum. Make sure to research your questions before taking them there or just be safe and save slow twitch for after you have a few races under your belt.

2. Don’t be discouraged if you are the only one left on the course.

What if you are really slow, blow a tire and end up walking your bike, or just plain bonk and drag yourself to the finish line?

You never know what the future holds and sometimes those people get the best finish line welcome. It could be the start to a whole new life. Just finish, no matter what. Who cares about course time limits? If you complete the course you finished the race.

Just let me wipe that tear before moving on…Okay.

3. Be prepared to change a bike tire during the race.

Can you change a bike tire? Make sure you can and have the supplies to do so. It doesn’t matter how short your event. A flat tire is no reason to quit and walking your bike 8 miles is never appealing during a race. Sometimes even the pro’s can neglect being properly prepared:

4. Remember to take your helmet off when you transition from bike to run!

After your helmet has been on for a while, you can just forget it is there. When you pull into transition and drop off your bike, drop off your helmet too. Otherwise, you may be running with that helmet on for the next 3 to 26 miles.

5. Don’t assume that everyone wants to hear about your triathlon all of the time.

Some will want to know all about your training and some might not. But there is a phenomenon that happens to a triathlete, there should be a name for it. A triathlon can be all consuming (including your brain and more importantly your mouth). It can be amazing how much conversation there is to be had about training, nutrition, preparation, and race day. Be careful about how much you talk about it and to who. There is a whole community of people who can talk all day long about triathlon. Find your allies and protect your friends and family.


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