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Couch to Tri: Technique Tips and Tricks

May 12, 2015

Couch to Tri: Technique Tips and Tricks

This week we hope to give you a few simple and easy tips for each of the three sports to help you move faster while saving that precious energy.


The power in swimming comes from your hips. There should be little movement in your knees when kicking. Think about using those glutes and letting your hips do most of the work for your lower body.

You should be able to lay your body against the surface without moving. Next time you are in the pool, give it a try. Hands together in front of you lay flat against the surface of the water…do your feet and hips sink? They shouldn’t. Get those hips lifted to the surface.

Get out into the open water. I cannot stress enough that pool swimming is very different from open water swimming. Do not discount the value open water practice can have.

Here are some tips from the pros:


When cycling you should feel smooth and fluid. No portion of your movement should be harder or easier than another unless you are changing your speed.

No rocking in your seat. Your hips and shoulders shouldn’t be moving around as you pedal. All of that movement is in the cycling in your legs.

Never stop peddling, even when coasting downhill.

Push the pedals with a flat foot. Pushing with either your toes or through your heels will fatigue some of the smaller muscles, like your calves.


My favorite running tip is to picture your feet grabbing the ground and throwing it behind you. Naturally we thinking about falling forward, but throwing the ground behind you can be a game changer.

How your arms move can really help or hinder your run. Bend the arms and move them back and forth. Elbows should stay in and hands shouldn’t cross your body.

Reduce your heel strike with forefoot running. Here are forefoot running tips from Eric Orton from Born to Run:

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