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Massage and Recovery Ball

May 07, 2015

Massage and Recovery Ball

 Runner’s are always in need of tools to aid in recovery. The spikey recovery ball is another great tool to help with self massage and trigger point release. It can be used on any muscle that feels tight or sore. Using a recovery ball is relatively simple, but it is easy to only think of a few places to use it. It works on the foot, but how exactly do you get that spot on your back or deep in your hip?

We have found a few videos that can help you on your spike recovery ball adventure. As they say, “Train hard, recovery harder.”

This video will show you how to use the wall to work out the upper body kinks.

This video speaks of cycling, but there is no shortage of runners with problematic piriformis muscles.

We can’t forget the foot. It may be the most common use for these prickly recovery devices.


Your massage ball should have a valve in order to adjust the size and density of the ball. Please use caution if you do decide to pump your ball up. Air compressors are not recommended at the risk of blowing up the ball into many pieces. Only hand pumps to a reasonable amount of additional air.