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Race Bibs – May 2015

May 06, 2015

Race Bibs – May 2015


 This month’s StrideGuide was made extra special by all of the people who used the hashtag #strideboxbibs and got their bibs in every box we will send out this month.

Thank you to all the awesome runners out there who participated. See their photos and follow them here!

Lo @theonenonlylo

Staci @baerstaci


Gina @runsmilerepeat

Catherine @si11yskitt1es

Susan @momma.stjohn

Tina @tinafolster

Torrie @tkedwar

Meagan @turkeyrunner

Dana @dgobsrunning

C.J. @goshua4

Eclectic Educating @eclecticeducating

Kelsey @kuwkels

Stu @snewstat

Eclectic Educating @eclecticeducating

Grant @gjmcferrin

Sharon @sharon.schroder

Jen @jenbendewish

Jen @twotats


Jessy @momonthe_run

Sarah @scooterbug86

Eryn @erynrunshappy