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What We Loved This Month- April

April 29, 2015

What We Loved This Month- April


April training brings May PRs. Or at least that’s what we hope for. 


1. Look what just showed up at our office! We now have an official 2011 New York City Marathon Banner to decorate our office with! Because we all know runners have great interior design sense.

2. Pushups- they are an easy way to get a quick burn and they will get your arms looking great for summer. Squeeze 20 or 30 into your lunch break or before you shower. But don’t forget, form is important!

fff776093db1634df0405aae209afaca_original4. Drink water. So simple but so hard some day! Luckily there are always new innovative ways to get your hydration. Hydaway Bottle is a start up based here in Bend, OR. With a super successful Kickstarter campaign we look forward to being able to buy these bottles in the near future! 

5. Here at the StrideBox office we have a serious snacking at work problem. How else would we know what awesome nutrition to put in each box? The people who invented this keyboard know us too well!


6. Boston Marathon- April 20th was another great day for the running community. It is amazing to see how unified a large group of people can be. And the stories that come out of it can’t be beat. Our personal favorite is the dad running at the front of the pack for a mile so his kids could see him on tv! Too cool