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5 Ways to Make Your Next Run More Fun

April 22, 2015

5 Ways to Make Your Next Run More Fun


1. Go do Fartleks.

While fartleks aren’t necessarily fun, telling people about them can be. So, spice up your next conversation by including some bragging about your fartlek work. What is a fartlek? Essentially it is interval training to improve your speed and endurance. We have included some articles to guide you on your fartlek journey:

9 Ways to Fartlek

What the Fartlek?!

2. Add a song to your playlist that is out of character for you.

A song in the middle of your run that pulls you out of your running daze and wakes you up can be just the thing to make your next run a little more memorable. Better yet, create a playlist of sheer ridiculousness. Some suggestions of songs you may not have added to your playlist yet:

Harlem Shake

Informer – Snow

Wing Beneath My Wings – Bette Midler

Everybody Have Fun Tonight -Wang Chung

3.  Find a new place to go for your run.

Have you ever gone somewhere just because you want to experience it as a runner? It is easy to get into a running rut, heading for the same path every time. There are city running tours, trails around the world, and national parks just waiting to be experienced. Whether you head into the city or out of it, there is a new running path for you out there.

City Running Tours

Trail Runners Bucket List

4. Sign up for a themed fun run.

The options seem to be endless these days. Maybe you have always wanted to be chased by zombies – there’s a run for that! Wish you looked like the colors of the rainbow? The color run could be for you. Never tried a mud run? You can follow it up with a good clean foam run after. If you check your local event calendar you will be surprised at what you might find.

15 Themed Races That You’ll Actually Want to Run

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5. Go for a run gadget free.

No GPS watch. No phone. No heart rate monitor. Enjoy the feel of your feet on the pavement and the wind in your hair. Forget about that next PR just for one day and savor the peace of the great outdoors.

Why You Should Run Gadget-Free

The Case For Going Gadget-Free