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What We Loved This Month: February

February 27, 2015

What We Loved This Month: February


Oh February, the shortest month of the year. With March right around the corner we thought back on our favorites from this past month.


1. Even though the temperatures are balmy here in Bend, cold season is still upon us. We have been combating the symptoms sans sugar with Ricola Sugar Free. Hopefully we will all be up and running again soon!


2. Wonder what we listen to in the office? We have been all about Waves (Robin Schultz Remix) Radio on Pandora. Upbeat enough but not distracting from our very serious StrideBox work.


515bTnuci9L._AA160_3. Stuck inside a little more than you would like this winter? If you can’t run, might as well read about running! Eat and Run by ultra runner Scott Jurek is full of tips and tricks for runners, and a lot of tasty vegan recipes. Try the chili recipe for a hearty and healthy pre race dinner.




4. Nothing like some new gear to make you want to run. Brooke got the new Patagonia Women’s Velocity Capris this month and can’t stop wearing them. The midweight fabric is perfect for this time of year and with plenty of pockets you have room to bring some StrideBox fuel along on your run.

5. Read all about it! Chances are if you’re a runner, you’re built like a runner. Going to the store to buy jeans may well be the worst day of the year for you. Writer Jen A. Miller tells how she deals with this problem in her recent Runner’s World Article.

6. Some of us need a little competition or community to fuel our running habit. Strava is a fitness app that can be used on your phone or with your Garmin that tracks your run and ranks you against other runners. Join the StrideBox Strava Club and try it out.