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Frequently Asked Questions

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General Information

Q: What's in a StrideBox? A: Each StrideBox will contain an assortment of sample and full size products from a variety of companies and brands. The box will include, but it's not limited to: nutritional bars, gels, drinks, snacks, apparel, gadgets, skincare and hygiene products, as well as other accessories.

Q: How long is a subscription? A: StideBox is a monthly subscription. You will automatically be charged $15 each month once you are an active member.

Q: Once I signup, how often am I charged? A: You will be charged $15 immediately for your first box and then $15 on the 26th of each month thereafter.

Q: How often are StrideBoxes sent out? A: StrideBoxes are sent once a month, scheduled to ship before the 7th of every month unless otherwise specified.

Q: How long does it take to get my StrideBox through the mail? A: We send our StrideBoxes via USPS. You should allow 3-7 business days for US delivery and additional time for international deliveries.

Q: Where do you ship? A: We ship to all US States, APO, and EPO addresses for FREE. A: We also ship to Canada for an additional shipping fee. A: At this time we cannot ship to any other countries.

Q: Is my Canadian order charged in U.S. Dollars? A: Yes, please keep in mind that costs will fluctuate depending on international currency rates.  


Q: What gift packages do you offer? A: You can purchase a one month, three month, or six month subscription. It's $20 for one month, $50 for three months, and $90 for six months.

Q: Do I have to pay for the gift all at once? A: Yes, when purchasing a gift the entire cost is paid for upfront.

Q: Does shipping cost extra? A: There is no additional cost for shipping unless the box is going to Canada. For StrideBox orders shipped to Canada, there is a $7.00 shipping and handling fee in addition to the subscription cost.

Q: Who's information should I use for the "Shipping Information" field? A: Please fill this in with your recipient’s name and address. If you choose to fill out the "Note" section, we will be sure to add it to their first box along with your name and the length of their gift subscription.  

My Account

Q: I have an active StrideBox Account, but the website is not recognizing my email. How do I login? A: Due to a recent system migration, some accounts are no longer recognized by the website login system. To access your online account you'll need to act as if you're signing-up for a new account. At the bottom of the Customer Login page, choose "New Customer? Signup". Enter your name, the same email previously associated with your account, and your password. Or you can email us at  and we can assist you. 

Q: I need to update my payment information. How do I do this? A: Payment information can be updated through your account by emailing Please be aware that updating payment information will often change your default shipping address to match your billing address. Contact us if you have any problems or concerns with this at

Q: I need to update my shipping address. How do I do this? A: Shipping information can be updated online through your StrideBox account. On the left hand side choose "View Addresses", then choose "Add a New Address." You can also email us at and let us know about your move, especially if it is close to the beginning or end of the month.

Q: I have not received my box and my account has been charged, where is my Stridebox? A: If it is your first box: please email and request tracking information. Your box should have shipped the Friday following your order. A: If you had a failed payment and corrected it: It is possible that you missed the cut-off for the current month and your corrected payment is actually for the following month. For example, if you corrected your payment for the October box after 10/1, you will be getting the November StrideBox next. A: If it is your regularly scheduled monthly box: You should have gotten an email with tracking information around the 5th of the month when your box shipped. We highly recommend checking spam folders for the email before emailing to find out tracking information.

Q: I see in my account that I have a referral code. What is the referral offer and how do I use it?  A: When you refer a friend to StrideBox, your friend gets $5 off their first box, and you get $3 off your next box! There's no limit on the amount of friends you can refer. That's a win-win. To apply the offer, enter your unique referral code at the time of subscription sign-up. Issues or questions? Just email us at

Trouble Shooting

Q: I received my box but it's missing an item or an item is broken. Can I get a replacement?  A: Absolutely! Please let us know via email exactly what is missing or damaged, and confirm your mailing address so that we can get you your goodies ASAP. Our email is

Q: I have double charges on my account. How do I resolve this? A: We apologize for the inconvenience! Please email us at and we will look into the problem and take care of the second charge immediately.

Q: I have questions or concerns about my subscription and attempted to contact you through Facebook/Instagram/Voicemail, but have not heard back? A: We want to help you! The best way to contact the StrideBox team is via our e-mail. Sometimes voicemails are hard to hear or leave us with no contact information, and our social media is handled by a different part of the company than our service. Please e-mail us.

Q: I purchased my subscription this month, when will I receive my first box? A: Your first box will be shipped Friday of the week you subscribed. So you should receive it the following week. Your remaining shipments will be sent out within the first week of the each month with out regular shipments.

Q: I haven't received my StrideBox; it has taken longer than it was supposed to, what should I do? A: If you have a tracking number, please refer to that first. You can check the progress of your shipment on USPS's website. If you don't see any progress, or the package says delivered but you have not received it, please email us at and we will ensure your StrideBox gets to you.

Q: My payment information is current, however, my payments are not processing. What's going on? A: This sometimes happens when a past payment fails to go through. When a past payment fails your account is put on hold. Please email us at and we will reactivate your account ASAP.

Q: I've got a weird problem that's not covered by this FAQ page. What should I do? A: No Sweat! Please email us at and we will get you taken care of!