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How StrideBox Works:

The StrideBox

StrideBox is a monthly subscription box service for runners. This means, each month, as a StrideBox subscriber you'll receive a selection of products focussed on enhancing your trainings, workouts, and races.

Our products come from both well established brands as well as emerging companies and smaller businesses.

The monthly box is delivered direct to your door, and could include anything from energy bars, gels, and other foods to apparel, gadgets, and other fun extras. Each month is a surprise, and allows you to discover and experience new brands and products without doing all the legwork of finding them.

Who Rocks The Box?

The StrideBox subscriber list includes runners and athletes of all ages. The box is put together in such a way to appeal to a wide variety of runners and endurance athletes.

So, whether you're just a recreational runner, training for your first 5k, shooting for a PR in your next 13.1, or headed to the Boston Marathon with the elites, you'll find each monthly edition of StrideBox will enhance your training, workout, or race needs.