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Stridebox Ambassador Program

A StrideBox Ambassador is someone who has experienced StrideBox and is active both in their local running community as well as online. As an ambassador you would promote Stridebox on your social media accounts, and in your active, awesome life.

In return, we would provide you with some awesome benefits, including offers for you and your fans, special contest giveaways, and StrideBox merchandise. (Along with other benefits that are in the works.)

Qualities of a StrideBox Ambassador:

• LOVE OF RUNNING! This is the most important one, we love running, you love running, we all win.

• Active social media- This could be anything from a blog to Instagram as long as you enjoy doing it and other people look at it, we are in.

• Team spirit, and not just the high school cheerleader kind. We want someone we can collaborate with to continue making our product better, as well as cool people we can share with our members.

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