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The StrideBox Story

I call it “The Wall”...

And no, it’s not the wall you hit during a great training run...

It’s the intimidating selection of nutrition products that fills one wall of every running, cycling, and sporting goods shop out there.

Stacks and stacks of bars, gels, blocks, shots, chews, drinks, and everything else.

And there’s always one or two people standing around looking at that wall in amazement wondering where to start.

Well, in June of 2012 I was in a running store in Bend, Oregon with my wife, and I noticed these people, looking at “The Wall”, but eventually walking away empty handed.

Those people in that store in Bend made me wonder if there wasn’t a better way. A way to connect big/little/new  nutrition, accessory, and apparel brands more closely with the consumer. To give them a chance to “try before they buy”. To find out what really works best for them.

Elite athletes have done their research. They know what bar or gel gives them the best boost, and also what doesn’t fit in their training.

But what about the vast majority of casual to pro-consumer that runs for recreation, or does a few 10ks, halfs, or marathons each year, or simply likes to get out and get active.

They don’t know that they could be leaving their best energy at home, or on “The Wall”. But they’re overwhelmed by choices, and maybe don't even know where to start.

The mother of 2 that could use that extra boost for her afternoon run pushing the double stroller.

The businessman that needs a quick recovery to finish the workday after his noon training run.

They’ve walked past “The Wall” many times, but never picked up an energy gel, or even looked at a sport chew because they don’t know which one is right.

So StrideBox was born to let the athlete, beginner, intermediate, or advanced, discover and try new products that fit into their own lifestyle and training schedule.

It’s fills every athletes need for better performance and more fun, month after month.